No Man’s Sky’s briefly bringing back 2022’s Expeditions

Since re-running the year’s No Man’s Sky Expeditions “proved to be very popular” in 2021, Hello Games has decided to do it again and will be re-running 2022’s Expeditions “in a reduxed format” over the holiday period.

Hello Games will be re-running No Man’s Sky’s 2022 Expeditions over the next few months, with Expedition 5 (Exobiology) available from today and running until 8th December.

Expedition 5 (Exobiology) runs in No Man’s Sky until December 8th

“In 2021, to close out the year, we re-ran the year’s expeditions in a reduxed format over the holiday season to give people another chance to experience these events and reap the rewards when time is perhaps a little more available,” Hello Games says. “That proved to be very popular so we are pleased to announce that we are doing it again.”

Expedition 5 (Exobiology) will run from today, November 24th, until December 8th. Then we have Expedition 6 (Blighted) from December 8th until the 22nd. Expedition 7 (Leviathan) runs from December 22nd Dec until January 5th, and finally Expedition 8 (Polestar) runs from January 5th to the 18th.

“Rewards for these expeditions include the Exotic Wingpack customisation, the Helios and Quad Companions, and the legendary Leviathan Frigate — along with much more,” Hello Games adds.

After a rather bumpy initial launch, No Man’s Sky has grown and evolved to become one of the best games on Game Pass. If you haven’t been back to No Man’s Sky in a while, a big update last month added Relaxed mode and “hundreds of improvements and additions” to check out. Will you be hopping back into No Man’s Sky for these Expeditions? Let us know in the comments!